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As a Type-1 Diabetic who wears the Freestyle Libre, my life exponentially improved when I started wearing a CGM. However, I found that I was losing many sensors too soon to everyday “hazards” like door frames, shirts and sleeping. Buying one sensor every two weeks is expensive enough as is. When looking into solutions for this, I noticed that many other diabetics were having these same issues.
Patchabetes was created to solve this problem.  
Patchabetes is an adhesive patch made from a high grade, waterproof, breathable, quick-dry cotton fabric that is backed with an acrylic adhesive. The adhesive is FDA approved, hypoallergenic, 100% medical-grade and is non-irritating to most skin types. Patchabetes is designed to fit over multiple CGMs.
I haven’t lost a sensor since I started wearing Patchabetes.

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