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For Best Results - How To Use

For Best Results
  • Ensure skin is dry and clean before applying Patchabetes.
  • Avoid putting patch on areas with cuts, burns, etc.
  • If possible, do not touch the adhesive side when applying Patchabetes.
  • Press down on the patch and rub it outwards from the sensor to secure it upon first application.
  • Avoid getting wet for one hour after applying Patchabetes.
  • Try to prevent clothing or equipment from rubbing on the ends of the patch.
  • If the ends of the patch begin to rise, they can be trimmed with scissors.
  • When wet, dry Patchabetes by gently patting it with a towel.


  • Carefully remove Patchabetes by pulling it off slowly.
  • Patchabetes are made for one use only. Do not reapply a used patch once removed.
  • If you wish to remove a patch, but not your sensor, ensure it is removed from the skin around the sensor first. Apply slight pressure to the sensor before carefully removing¬†the rest.¬†
  • Once a patch is removed, clean and dry the area before applying a new Patchabetes.
  • Warning - Do not rip off Patchabetes when still attached to the sensor.