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How To Use

We highly recommend following these Tips For Best Results to ensure you get the maximum usage out of Patchabetes.


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Dexcom G6 
Dexcom G6 Adhesive Patch
omnipod adhesive patch
Ensure your skin is clean and completely dry before applying Patchabetes, just as you would your sensor.
Preparing your skin is one of the most important parts of the application process.
Do not use any type of moisturizer, oil, sunscreen, etc. in the area where you are applying the patch. 
Avoid rubbing shower gel, moisturizer, sunscreen etc. over the applied patch.
Do not get the patch wet for 1 hour after applying.
Patchabetes is waterproof, but needs time to adhere to your skin properly. 
Avoid putting a patch on areas with cuts, burns, etc.
Do not touch the adhesive side of the patch when applying it. The oils from your hands will weaken the adhesive.
When wet the patch gets wet dry Patchabetes by gently patting it with a towel. 
If the ends peel up, you can them trim with scissors or carefully remove the patch and apply a new one if you prefer.  
Carefully remove Patchabetes by pulling it off very slowly. 
Do not rip off Patchabetes when still attached to the sensor.
Patchabetes is made for one use only.
Do not reapply a used patch once removed. 
Removing a patch from a sensor-
If you wish to remove a patch, but not your sensor, remove from the edges first then carefully apply a slight pressure to the sensor to remove the rest. 
If you need help removing the adhesive from your skin use moisturizer or oil based products.
Take care of your patch and your patch will take care of you!